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Wardrobe Therapy

Designed by Ohtrym Agency

We are stylish treasure hunters and passionate seekers of the beautiful feminine wardrobe. We bring new life to timeless apparel. Our clothes are for women who already know their style DNA and are up for great deals.


We offer Select exclusive modern day brands clothes, shoes & accessories that are gently used. A concept that aims to reduce waste created by the fashion industry and offer real affordable options for women.


Our fantastic team takes great care in making sure everything comes to you in perfect condition.


The Fashion industry is the second most polluting industry in the World. That why 2Penderies aims to do Fashion differently.


Whether it's to discover unique pieces, save money, reduce the environmental impact or encourage the respect of fundamental rights at work, the purchase of second-hand clothes has its advantages.


Furthermore, by buying second-life clothes, it is not uncommon to save up to 30% of the real price for a piece of clothing.


The eco-responsible consumption of second-life clothes reduces the production of waste, the impact of textiles on water, as well as the emissions of pollutants caused by transport and factories. The reuse of good condition clothes has a significant impact on our environment, unlike fast-fashion, which is consumerist and not environmentally friendly.


Supporting 2Penderies equals making a responsible choice that has many benefits on the environment and on your hard working money.